DBSA requests stories about access to mental health care.

We are posting the announcement below from the national DBSA office regarding Mental Health Parity, the concept that insurers must cover mental health services and medications at the same rate as comparable medical services and medications. DBSA is asking for people to share their stories about experiences with access to mental health care, to help them advocate for Mental Health Parity. If you want to respond to DBSA, use the link in their message below. Please use your own judgment in deciding whether to share personal information with DBSA.

Do you have experience with access to mental health care: good, bad or otherwise? Please follow this link to share your story with us. DBSA is collecting stories that can used to affect change. With this information, DBSA will create communication plans to educate members of Congress, fellow peers, family members and loved ones, as well as the general public on the importance of making sure that everyone has access to mental health care.

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