Family story videos and free brochure on supporting those with depression.

Families for Depression Awareness has online videos on the subject of “Family Stories of Living with Depression”; see their summary below. The free brochure will be available to the first 500 people who take the survey (the survey link is at the bottom of their page with the videos).

This posting is for informational purposes only; DBSA Westchester NY is not affiliated Families for Depression Awareness and does not advocate for external organizations. Please use your own judgment in deciding whether to take their survey.

Making decisions about depression treatment isn’t easy. Whether it’s figuring out how to take the first steps, finding a provider and figuring out how to pay for therapy, or keeping hope over the long haul, family support can help achieve successful outcomes.
Visit our website to watch our newest family stories to learn how two families

  • identified symptoms of depression
  • received an accurate diagnosis
  • found the right treatment team
  • worked together to find the road to recovery and wellness

After you watch, take our 5-minute survey and we’ll mail you a free copy of the Adult Depression: Stories of Families and Hope brochure.

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