Connecting to meetings by smartphone or tablet

The meeting ID is provided to group members separately. If you wish to join our group or if you are a member and you need to know the phone number and meeting ID, send email to or contact Chris or Elissa at the phone numbers listed on our web site’s Contact Us page.

Please also note that the pictures/screenshots here are from an iPhone, so they might look different for Android devices.

Download the Amazon Chime app

Use the App Store for iPhones and iPads, or the Playstore for non-Apple devices. The symbol for the App looks like this:

Download Amazon Chime app

Do not create an Amazon Chime or AWS account (unless you wish to, but this seems to reduce privacy).

Select “Join a meeting without an account”

Join a meeting without an account

Enter the meeting ID and click the Next (arrow) button

Enter meeting id

Enter your name and then click the Next (arrow) button.

Note: Please enter your first name with either your last initial (or your last name if you wish) or something else which will distinguish you from others with the same first name, especially if you have a common name such as John, Dave/David, Dan, et cetera.

Enter your name

Click on “Join meeting”

Join meeting

Choose microphone and camera settings

Select the video camera icon toward the top to activate video. You’re device might prompt you to allow the use of your camera; allow it if you want to be seen by others in the meeting.

You will also notice that next to your name is a microphone icon. You can use this to mute your own microphone. You cannot mute others’ microphones.

Microphone and camera controls

Additional notes

If you are using multiple devices in the same area, please mute your microphone on all but one device so as to avoid feedback. This option is available both as you’re joining the meeting and during the meeting (by clicking the microphone icon next to your name).

Regardless of what type of device you are using, try to close all your other windows and/or apps. This will help to keep your video and audio as clear as possible during the meeting.

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