Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What topics or activities are discussed during the session? 
    The topics vary each week depending on what is on the minds of those in attendance at that time.
  2. Is there enough time for everyone to speak within the 2 hours?
    Yes. Each session is facilitated by a member of our Board of Directors who make sure no one person dominates the conversation and everyone who wants to share is able to do so.
  3. Do I need to have a specific mental health diagnosis in order to participate in the group?
    No. Our group offers support to everyone no matter what mental health condition you experience.
  4. Is the group only for people with mental health conditions, or also for family members of people with mental health conditions?
    Both – Our group is a peer-run support group for individuals with mood disorders, depression and/or other mental health issues. We also welcome family members and caregivers of all ages who may have questions about what these illnesses are, other related matters, or simply wish to be of support to their loved ones.
  5. Are sessions provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?
    Weekly. Every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern Time via Zoom, and every Thursday at 7pm in Rockland County at Dominican University.
  6. How many people usually attend the Zoom meetings?
    Typically we have 10-15 members join our group sessions.
  7. What is the format of the group sessions?
    Each session is facilitated by a member of our Board of Directors. We start with introductions so everyone becomes familiar with the others on the call. After introductions the facilitator asks if there is a topic someone wants to share with the group, which is something they either want to vent about or seek support/feedback on. Our sessions end on a positive note, with everyone sharing something they are looking forward to over the next week.
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