Online meetings

During the coronavirus pandemic, DBSA Westchester NY will be holding online meetings instead of in-person meetings. Starting Wednesday, June 24, 2020, we will use the Zoom platform for our online meetings. See our Announcements page for updates.

You may connect to a meeting by telephone (audio only), by smartphone or tablet, or by a laptop or desktop computer. If you are connecting with a device that supports video, you may choose to enable or disable your device’s camera.

Instructions on how to connect to our Zoom meetings were sent to our group’s mailing list. If you are a group member or if you want to join our group and you need instructions for connecting, please email or contact Chris or Elissa at the phone numbers listed on our web site’s Contact Us page.

Out of respect for everyone’s privacy, please try to find a private space from which to attend the meetings. If you enable your device’s camera, try to avoid letting non-members in your meeting space see the meeting video. You should not record any part of the meeting in either audio or video, or any other participant’s personal information (phone number, email address, etc.); doing so would be a gross violation of our group’s guidelines.

Your privacy

We configured our Zoom meetings to require a password. If you join by clicking the link we provided, the password is embedded (in encrypted form) in the link, so you don’t need to enter it manually. Online meetings are inherently less private than in-person meetings, so please use your own judgment in deciding whether to join our online meetings. If you phone in, your phone number may be visible to other participants who connect online.

Online meeting guidelines

In addition to our Guidelines for in-person meetings, please follow the protocol below during online meetings.

  • Please use a private room for the call if possible.
  • Please turn off background sounds (radio, television, etc.) and mute yourself unless you wish to speak. For those who connect online, note that there is a mute button (with a microphone icon) at the lower-left corner of the Zoom screen. You can also enable or disable your video during the meeting by clicking the button with the video camera icon.
  • If you dial in by phone and you use your speaker phone, be sure to mute your phone to prevent feedback that will make it difficult for people to hear what’s being said. If you wish to unmute your phone to speak, first turn off the speaker phone.
  • If you wish to speak you can wait for a pause, unmute yourself, and say “[My name] would like to speak.” Those using video can also raise or wave their hand or type “I would like to speak” in the Chat box (the moderator will see your screen name). Please say if you want to start a new topic. The moderator will keep track of who has asked to speak. Please wait to be called on. If you think you were inadvertently overlooked, try again.
  • Do not record any audio or video from our meetings. Do not record or write down anyone else’s personal information (phone number, email, etc.) without their explicit permission.
  • If you are on video, please remember that others in the group can see you. Be respectful of others in how you dress and behave during the meetings.
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