Meeting Guidelines

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

DBSA Westchester NY

Chapter Meeting Behavior Guidelines

July 2019

  • One person speaks at a time. Please raise your hand to be recognized by a facilitator and avoid side conversations with people near you.
  • This is a cell phone-free zone.
  • Please avoid obscenities and partisan political statements, and maintain a positive and supportive tone.
  • This group is not treatment or a substitute for professional care. We do not diagnose other group members.
  • We encourage participation, while respecting each other’s confidentiality. It is okay not to share.
  • Please limit your time speaking about an issue to ten minutes. Allow people to respond.
  • We have no experts in the room. We do not participate in this support group as credentialed professionals.
  • Anyone who does not treat others with respect and kindness or is disruptive, or exhibits threatening or violent behavior in any way will be asked to leave.
  • Although we are willing to discuss the emotional aspects of taking medication for the treatment of our disorders, we prefer that attendees raise these issues with their prescribing physicians.
  • When a person is not present at a meeting, their name shall not be used when giving an example or quoting something they have said.
  • Any constructive feedback on enhancing the group’s effectiveness should be brought to the attention of the group’s facilitators or board members.
  • Please note: the board will exercise its right to take action when someone repeatedly violates the above rules.
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